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Tips to Care for Your New Carpet

How to Vacuum Clean Carpets in a Much Better Way 

Vacuum cleaning your carpet may seem like a simple thing to do and most of the time, it really is. However, you may be actually surprised about how even more effective and efficient it can be if you only follow a few important steps in vacuum cleaning your carpet that a lot of residential and commercial property owners tend to forget.  


First and foremost, check your vacuum cleaner’s nozzle. Whether it is an extension to get into each corner or a larger unit, which rolls around the floor, its suction opening can immediately gather a lot of hair and dust trapped in its spokes and bristles. Thus, if you really want to get more of these particles from your carpet flooring, consider keeping this end of your vacuum cleaner free from any obstructions and dirt, otherwise, you can potentially be working hair and dust deeper into your carpet’s fibers – exactly the opposite of the outcome that you want.  

Another thing that you should watch out for is overfilling its dust collection chamber or bag. While it is true that emptying this is certainly not the enjoyable part of the process, it is still very important since if it’s not done in a regular manner, your vacuum cleaner will gradually be losing its mere ability to collect dust and because of that, you will only end up transferring dust and dirt from room to room instead of cleaning your carpet, which is your main purpose of vacuum cleaning in the first place. But, the question is, how often is recommended time to clean your carpeting?  

The answer is at least once or twice a week. In that way, you will be able to avoid dirt and dust from setting deep in the fibers of your carpet. Aside from that, you should also make sure that you have your carpets deep cleaned at least once or twice a year with the help of a professional and highly experienced carpet cleaning company in your area.  

Move Your Rugs and Furniture to Make Sure That Your Carpet Will Have an Even Color 

Doing this task may require a lot of effort since you have to move large furniture such as an armchair, sofa, tables, or rugs around the room. However, if you have enough space to do so then experts highly recommend that you do it once in a while in order to keep the color of your carpet cleaning even. The issue with keeping all these things in the same position for many months is that your carpet will start to fade unevenly and it can cause it to become unattractive. While a slight fading is somehow natural, this actually happens when the natural light that contains UV rays tend to constantly fall upon a surface. Normally, this kind of fading is subtle to be invisible, however, if a large furniture has been shielding your carpet for months, the change might appear more pronounced, which is why doing this task is very necessary.  

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Ways to Save on House Remodeling

When it comes to renovation, budget it everything. Spending more than you ought to be is inevitable, even though spent a lot of time listing all the things you should purchase, asking contractors for references, and a couple of other things. We wanted to make out dreams come of renovating the house at a price we can afford and not cheaping it out. There are ways you can do to save for your renovation plans by thinking strategically about design, materials, costs and timing. Follow the saving tips below for your renovation ideas.  

 House Remodeling


  • Increase Efficiency, Not Size  

If you want the kitchen to be reorganized for maximum utility, you don’t have to make the size big. You can replace the big kitchen appliances with smaller ones and use spaces for racks and other cabinets. There are outfit cabinets you can use in your kitchen, choose the ones with upgrades like pull-out pot trays and dividers.  

  • Bring Light Without Adding Windows 

If you want to add light to your house, you don’t have to cut a big hole and rearrange the framing and add windows. To brighten up parts of your house which doesn’t have windows, add a “light tube” that slips between funnels and roof rafters. There will be a natural light on that part of your house even though you don’t add windows. The cost of adding double-pane insulated window is $1,500 but the light tube is only $500 so you save $1,000.  

  • Hit Recycling Center 

You can make use or lightly used building materials especially if you’re doing the renovation on your own. There are recycling centers that offer salvaged materials 50% less its original prices. However, if you’re hiring a renovation contractor like you couldn’t do this tip because contractors won’t work with salvaged items because of its liability.  

  • Consult an Architect 

Full-on architectural commission comprises 8% of a construction project budget. Hiring an architect depends on the scale of your renovation project. A full-on commission involves multiple job-site visits, extensive meetings and sets of construction drawings. However, you can ask an architect for a one-time design consultation only. He can meet you, examine the problem and give you solutions. This way, you can save for an architect commission. The fee of architect who’s going to design a 300-square-foot space is $2,250 but if you ask for design consultation plans only it’s $580. So you saved $1,1670.  

  • Do Your Own Demolition  

A demolition could be as costly as rebuilding but you can do it yourself to save more money. You can successfully do this if you have done it before because you might unwantedly take out a load like cutting through the plumbing or bearing a wall. The normal cost of demolition is $1000 but when you do it on your own, it’s $450 so you saved $550.  

  • Partner with a Contractor  

Even if you want to do the renovation yourself, you can still ask a contractor for consultation and mentoring services. Even if you already have the skills, you have to realize that contractors have been in the industry for a long time and they have been working with different construction projects before. Their coaching will even improve your skills. For example, a cost of drywall one room is $1000 but the consultation is $300 for 2 hours plus the materials. You saved $700 for it.  



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