How to Vacuum Clean Carpets in a Much Better Way 

Vacuum cleaning your carpet may seem like a simple thing to do and most of the time, it really is. However, you may be actually surprised about how even more effective and efficient it can be if you only follow a few important steps in vacuum cleaning your carpet that a lot of residential and commercial property owners tend to forget.  


First and foremost, check your vacuum cleaner’s nozzle. Whether it is an extension to get into each corner or a larger unit, which rolls around the floor, its suction opening can immediately gather a lot of hair and dust trapped in its spokes and bristles. Thus, if you really want to get more of these particles from your carpet flooring, consider keeping this end of your vacuum cleaner free from any obstructions and dirt, otherwise, you can potentially be working hair and dust deeper into your carpet’s fibers – exactly the opposite of the outcome that you want.  

Another thing that you should watch out for is overfilling its dust collection chamber or bag. While it is true that emptying this is certainly not the enjoyable part of the process, it is still very important since if it’s not done in a regular manner, your vacuum cleaner will gradually be losing its mere ability to collect dust and because of that, you will only end up transferring dust and dirt from room to room instead of cleaning your carpet, which is your main purpose of vacuum cleaning in the first place. But, the question is, how often is recommended time to clean your carpeting?  

The answer is at least once or twice a week. In that way, you will be able to avoid dirt and dust from setting deep in the fibers of your carpet. Aside from that, you should also make sure that you have your carpets deep cleaned at least once or twice a year with the help of a professional and highly experienced carpet cleaning company in your area.  

Move Your Rugs and Furniture to Make Sure That Your Carpet Will Have an Even Color 

Doing this task may require a lot of effort since you have to move large furniture such as an armchair, sofa, tables, or rugs around the room. However, if you have enough space to do so then experts highly recommend that you do it once in a while in order to keep the color of your carpet cleaning even. The issue with keeping all these things in the same position for many months is that your carpet will start to fade unevenly and it can cause it to become unattractive. While a slight fading is somehow natural, this actually happens when the natural light that contains UV rays tend to constantly fall upon a surface. Normally, this kind of fading is subtle to be invisible, however, if a large furniture has been shielding your carpet for months, the change might appear more pronounced, which is why doing this task is very necessary.